Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 1 (2)
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he’d just thrown her. “I know. I thought about that before I called you. Can you…can you just be here as a friend, for now?”

Kevin reached out with his other hand and grasped both of hers tightly. “I can, and you know I will, but I think you’re making a mistake. I’m a cop and your friend. I’ve watched him hurt you for a long time. I want to make sure he can never do this again.”

Denise sighed but before she could respond, the waitress arrived with their order and fussed about, giving the adults their coffee and placing the plate of pie in front of Danny with a smile and a casual, “Eat that up, son.”

Denise sipped her coffee and watched Danny dig into his pie until the waitress had vanished back into the kitchen. Then she looked...

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