The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 18 (2)
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“I thought we worked through all of this when we took down McDonald and his werewolf gang. You accepted me as a partner then. What’s so different now?”

He sighed and closed his eyes again. “The difference was Malachai. He terrified me. I knew he could use me to get to you. And … and I couldn’t bear to live with it if he’d made me kill you.”

Okay, yeah. That was a pretty good reason, but still not enough.

“He didn’t. You fought him off. I had faith in you.”

“But what if I hadn’t.”

“Then I’d be dead. And you’d be Malachai’s slave again. But it didn’t happen. You fought him off.”

“With the help of your potion.”

I nodded. “Exactly. With the help...

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