The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 17 (6)
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moved closer, his struggles growing less with each step. It was now or never. I didn’t think I could distract Damien, not mind-controlled. And Malachai was facing away from the big windows, obviously wise to my tricks by now. That left just one use for my illusions. How nice of Malachai to be facing the wrong way.

“Paul! Break left!” I yelled as I tossed my illusion. Paul’s eyes flicked toward the window as he followed my directions. A faint smile played about his lips as he charged Malachai.

Five werewolves glided across the parking lot towards Damien, following my illusory directions.

Malachai’s eyes widened, and he glanced behind him to see an image of a wolf pack taking down a deer. I’d figured Runner would figure out what I meant.

I hadn’t ac...

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