The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 17 (4)
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the situation?” Charley asked after finishing the introductions.

“Three bad guys there, there, and there,” I said, pointing each of them out in turn. None had moved. “Runner’s doing a quick recon. Paul’s over there,” I waved in the general direction of the parking lot. “Assume Malachai is with him, but there’s too many trees in the way. I can’t get a read on any auras.”

Charley’s head shot around to look behind us. I followed his gaze and saw Runner returning. The big wolf stopped, and a moment later shifted back to human form.

Have I mentioned Runner has a particularly nice form?

Completely unconcerned about his nudity, Runner greeted his pack and hunkered down to draw something in the dirt. I knelt down to get a better view....

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