Episode 35 - Operation Team 2 (Bekah)
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As they worked their way down the riverbank, Bekah gave Lily some pointers on moving quietly. It only took them a few minutes to reach the river bottom. “Okay. No talking from here on. Use hand signals and our flashlights.” They had taped the lenses on the flashlights so that only a very narrow strip of light showed. It would allow signaling without giving away a position if they used their bodies to block the light from the enemy. “Are you ready?”

She got a tensely whispered “I’m ready.” in reply.

Way more ready than you think. “Okay. Let’s move.”

They had decided to cross to the far bank separately. Lily from twenty-five yards short of the cut and Bekah twenty-five yards beyond the cut. They reasoned that the distance would...

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