Episode 34 – Operation Team 1
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After the conference call ended, McKinney leaned back in his seat, waiting for the signal to go. What the hell have I done? I just agreed to kill a man in cold blood. Maybe more than one. Do I really believe in this whole melodrama? Enough to do that? He let out a long, slow breath. He turned slightly to watch Freya. She was unconsciously chewing on her lower lip. “Are you as nervous as I am?”

She looked at him for a second and then nodded. “And scared. Really scared”

He nodded back. “Me too. It’s kind of unreal to me. And I am a little uncertain. Are you?”

She immediately shook her head. “I am absolutely certain this is real and it is necessary. But I can appreciate your concern. You’ve only been dealing with this new-...

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