Episode 33 - Sneak and Shoot
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On the drive to the ranch, Geffen gave Shimmy a quick Assault Rifle 101 course. She finished with “Fire short bursts. Don’t just spray your fire. Watch for their muzzle flashes and shoot at those. But remember, they’ll be doing that too so shoot and move. While you’re waiting for us to get into position, find four or five spots with good cover you can move between.”

“What about empty magazines?” Shimmy asked. “Do we want to leave them or should I take them?”

“You haven’t handled them without gloves have you?” Lily asked. “Because if the cops get involved, it will drive them crazy to find the bad guys fingerprints on the magazines that were used against them. Same thing with the brass.”

Geffen laughed. “I love...

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Table of Contents

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