Episode 27 - The Reponse
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“We have three things that require your immediate attention.” Thorroddson told them. “Your team has to move. You need to get the samples and the device back here to our lab. And you need to get those bodies out of there.”

“The first thing that you need to do is move.” Haya instructed them. “If their men don’t come back, they may come looking in force. We don’t want them to find anything.”

“We should have someone in the lobby, looking for anyone who might be one of them.” Geffen responded. “I’ll do that. I have the best chance of recognizing anything out of place. Lily and Callum, get our stuff out of here. We can stow it in the van for now. Then straighten the room to make it look empty. Haya, can you get us roo...

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