Episode 22 - Tailing 101
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That went pretty well. She is an excellent shot, but I have my doubts about her shooting another person. Lily is still my go-to.  On the ride back Geffen started to mentally plan out their next move.  Who do we watch and how, were the first questions that came to mind.

After a quick round of showers, the team was gathered in front of the boards. There were four suspects on that board after their inside man had provided them with a drivers’ license for the car of the other man from Cockerell’s place.

“Okay. We have Mister Cockerell, Mister Bowes, Mister Graves, and Mister Peters. Let’s start by identifying who on the board has seen who from the team.” Geffen started. “Cockerell has seen Shimmy and Lily. These two…” she indicated Bowe...

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