Episode 17 - Coming to Grips
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McKinney slept better, but not well.

By eight o’clock they were on their way into the desert. They stopped by a Walmart and bought several more boxes of ammunition and all the targets they had. The next stop was a bagel shop for a sack full of bagels and extra-large coffees.  Twenty minutes later they followed what could only generously be called a road into the river bottom. After finding a fairly broad and clear area with a suitably high bank on the far side to shoot into, they set up a mini-bagel-buffet on the tailgate and after a quick, makeshift breakfast got down to business.

The first hour was spent shooting at targets at a variety of distances, from behind cover, and even with their off-hand. At that point, Geffen told everyone to take a break.  While they were busy...

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