Episode 12 - Chemi
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They flew into a small private airport just outside of Scottsdale. Lord, it’s hot. McKinney watched the rivulets of heat rising off the tarmac. There was an uneasy silence as they rode to the hotel. It had suddenly gotten very real when Geffen had handed each of them a loaded pistol. The women stowed theirs in large totes bags and McKinney put his in his backpack. That’s not a good place for it if I need it, but I can’t carry it on my belt with the silencer on it. I’ll have to figure something out later.

 As soon as they had checked in at the front desk, Geffen gave Lily a key and told her to go find Shimmy. “We’ll get your stuff.”

They had barely gotten in the rooms, dropped their bags, and opened the adjoining door before Lily w...

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