Episode 6 - Becoming the Storm
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McKinney swiped his new ID badge at the door of the training facility and stepped inside. The facility was impressive. There was a full-sized basketball court that was currently being used by what looked like a Tai Chi class. To the left were several what appeared to be classrooms; to the right were several smaller work-out rooms. Two of those were occupied by some kind of martial arts class. At the far end was a well-equipped weight and exercise room.  He was taking all this in when we noticed Haya Karasdottir gesturing to him from one of the classrooms. He waived an acknowledgment and started that way.

“Good morning…” McKinney paused. “How should I address you?” he asked as he set his backpack on an empty seat.

“In a training setting, you may call me Vadin...

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Table of Contents

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