Episode 3 - Dr. Geffen
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Thorroddson had been in a meeting with several members of the Council when he had been called out to take a phone call. When he had scowled at the interruption, Tia had told him he needed to take the call. Tia was technically Haya’s apprentice when it came to training, but she functioned more like a combination of office manager, gal Friday, and second in command when he and Haya were out of the office. They relied on her and trusted her implicitly. “It’s Magda from Rehovot. She needs guidance on a sensitive matter and said it couldn’t wait.” Magda was kith and managed the Regional Headquarters for the Middle East which was located in Rehovot, Israel. She was a long-time and trusted member of the True Alliance.

That was eighteen hours ago. He was currently in one of the compan...

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