Fuck Retraumatization
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Chase and Theresa, now almost grown, had eked out a decent living for themselves in the rebuilt society. As soldiers combed the streets, they made their way to the restaurant they both worked at. Their walk took them along the city border, a no-mans-land of sorts where a massive, sparking steel fence stood between the living and the dead. 


The fading sun marked the beginning of the dinner shift, and beckoned the pair to hurry. Their old-school watches, synchronized for once, read out 6:45 PM. “We’ll be there in about five minutes.”, Chase remarked. Theresa nodded. “Yep. Just enough time to get dressed and get rolling as the dinner crowd comes in.” As she spoke, the fence sparked above, and a smoking corpse plummeted from above. Instantly, three soldiers were upon the body,...

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Table of Contents

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