Fuck Trust
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Chase and Theresa were closer than two perfect strangers may have otherwise been. They had a way of bringing each other’s guard down, and they chatted away the hours as they sauntered about the wood seeking food and supplies. Something about their first meeting stuck with Chase, and he had no further thoughts of banishing her. 

On this particular day, only two days removed from that first meeting, the two were engaged in chopping wood for a planned hut and water pump. With a pair of stone axes, they toiled away together. Chase stared at Theresa while she worked. Clad in animal hides like he was, she was a visual feast. Her small, taut muscles jerked deliciously with each stroke of her axe, giving Chase a glimpse at the beast lurking beneath.

Theresa had taken off her boots, and he though...

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Table of Contents

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