Fuck Making Friends
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Chase’s laughter echoed across the courtyard. “You’re funny, Elliot!”, he shouted, then gave his friend a hug. Chase had a rough first few days of kindergarten, but the teacher had helped him adapt and make friends quickly. 

Elliot had been the first kid to approach Chase, and they bonded quickly. The two were inseparable. They ate lunch together, did art projects together, and even napped side by side at rest time. They had even started to bring everybody together, introducing their friends and all of their friends in turn while encouraging everybody to be nice. 

On this day, the autumn sky shone with the darkened brilliance of a sun hidden behind silvery clouds. At recess, Chase and Elliot stared each other down. Their eyes burned. With an exaggerated motion, Elliot made t...

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Table of Contents

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