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Learza S. Sorc



     I may not be interesting to you. That matters little, especially now. I am dead. How, you ask? Now, what is a story without filler? Death happens every day and no one cares, so telling you would simply add to the pile of death that is never looked at again. So if you wish to know of my death, you must know a bit of my life. For this, I shall not bore you with such trivial things as birth, for if you do not know of that, then perhaps you should be looking into different matters...Note, that there is no point in wondering how this is recorded, for your endeavors would be in vain and such a waste of time should be frowned upon. So...we shall begin with where I began my memories.

     There was no childhood for me. Not in a normal context, for I learned of survival. Yes, all learn to survive, but that was my entire dedication as a child. I was taught to find food, shelter, and any other necessity. These fundamental things were my everyday life. I was not taken care of, rather exposed to the world and given the tools to survive when my parents died, which just so happened quite swiftly, and if only they had more of a mind to think, the bright light would not have taken them. Parents and siblings, all taken in one sitting. So myself, being barely more than a child, continued on my life path of survival alone.

     Many times I wondered what it would be like if they hadn't been allured by such simple things. But it was not so and I pressed on with my life as a scavenger. I found many things left about by people. I tend to swoop in as soon as someone sets something down. Most times it was to go get something else relating to what they had set. It was something I learned to do to stay safe. The best way not to get caught is to not be seen after all. I was swift and my meal was had before they returned. Another success in my book, but what to do with my time now? I brushed my hand across my face and looked around for something to do.


The Great Wind

     I found myself at a park. A dangerous place for me, seeing as so much is there for the taking, but having just eaten, I didn't worry too much about putting myself in danger's wake. There were however clouds forming, so the search for shelter was upon me. I knew of a place, but it was on the other side of the park. The air grew cold as I contemplated my options. Worry came over me, for if these clouds were moving as fast as I thought then the rain would come swift, and on top of that, there would be wind. Wind, one of my greatest enemies. I decided that going across the lake would be the fastest option, though not the safest. There was a lot of open ground to cross and I'd attract attention. Compared to the wind threat though, it was the logical choice.

     I bolted for my objective, pressing my body as much as I could, racing against the clock. I did my best to dodge attention and keep my pace as I came to the middle of the lake. I was too late. The wind shot a gust that threw me back. I fought on, trying to clear the lost progress. Another gust threw me up and to the side, but I recovered quickly, flipping in the air. I shot towards my goal but was foiled again, this time much more intensely. Pushed off course, I was no longer near the lake. I was instead thrown to the ground, tumbling until I hit a tree. It served a short purpose for me to gain my bearings, but I was stunned for a moment. I looked around, frantically looking for somewhere close to shelter me from this horror, but before I could find one, debris rose from the ground and was tossed into me. Everything went dark.

     I felt myself inhale. My sore body tried to get its bearings as my vision slowly came back. Blurred shapes at first, but soon sorted and collected. I had absolutely no idea where I was. Fear rose in me. My limbs hurt, but they seemed to work well enough to move around. I needed them to, for not knowing where I was could lead to my doom. There were no familiar landmarks, nor were there any people. My heart sank a bit, but I moved with the heavy intention of finding shelter. Somehow I lucked out enough for it not to start raining while I was unconscious. I chose not to chance it any longer. Shelter first then catch some sort of bearings of the land. Alas, I found a covered shelter that seemed sturdy enough to hold up and keep me dry. My body was tired and I needed to rest, even though I had spent an unknown amount of time unconscious already. Real rest. My wish was granted.



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