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Continuation of part 3 of 4. This shows how turbulent Gideon and Meegans relationship was in the beginning.

I left the church as silently as I had entered, the city slumbering all around me, the scrape of my boot on the cobblestones reverberating through the empty streets. My hunger, only teased by the blood of the priest, demanded immediate attention, so I took a dark-haired beauty in her bed, draining her so quickly that she didn't even stir. I continued my walk back home at a leisurely pace, humming a merry tune I had heard in a little tavern the night before, enjoying the feel of the blood coursing through me, the heat of it flooding my entire being. I bounded up the stairway to our apartment, taking them two at a time, and I startled Meegan with my sudden entrance. She had her hands in a b...

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