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Context of this scene: Meegan has been a vampire only a few months at this point and is a bit out of control. Her and Gideon are in Vienna in 1800. There is a priest that is out late at night to give someone their last rights as they are dying and sees Meegan kill a man in a rather violent manner in the middle of the town square, (something they talk about in The Resurrection of Gideon in chapter 17) but when she tells Gideon that someone saw her its too close to dawn to do anything about it. Unbeknownst to either of them, the priest followed Meegan back to her and Gideon's apartment, and sees Gideon climb the steps, and thinks he's in danger. The priest then barges into the apartment, but realizes his mistake when he sees Gideon kissing Meegan. He then understands he is like her and runs for hi...

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