Chapter Thirty Three
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The monitor beeped expectantly, as if urging anyone within listening range to check on it. The rhythmic sound was the first-and only- thing Kat heard. She opened her eyes to the bright white florescence of the ceiling and took a deep raspy breath in. Her throat hurt, as if acid had been poured down it. She struggled to swallow and the panic began to set in. Something was hurting her left hand, she could hear a humming sound on top of the beeping and a small scream escaped her lips.

A fuzzy figure waltzed into the room and fear crept through her like lightning. Her eyes blinked once or twice and then grew wide and that panic that had been storing suddenly burst out in a struggle against the tubes and wires surrounding her.

“Ma’am, I need you to calm down, okay? My name is Jake, I&rsq...

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