Chapter Thirty Two
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“Gotcha!” A man’s voice rang out behind her, his shadow following. Katerina, still in shock, had no time to fight back before she found herself tasting the bitterness of a gag being wedged between her lips. Losing the ability to scream forced her into action, kicking and flailing, hoping to get away. She then understood the gravity of her situation as another pair of hands began to bind her limbs. Regret flooded her mind, producing the wish that she had chosen to go anywhere else but the woods.

The man who’d alerted her to their presence turned her around to look at him. Katerina made the attempt to scream, as recognition dawned over her. She’d seen the man before, but never in real life. She knew it was him by the silvery look in his eyes and the dimple in his chin. A shiv...

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