Chapter Twenty Two
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Kat and Ianna set out to the antique shop for Katerina’s very first day on the job. She was nervous and still covered in little yellowing bruises, but Josh had been out of her life for almost a month. No one had seen or heard from him and she almost felt safe. Ianna and Kat were only responsible for working the morning shift and had planned to go to the coffee shop after work, their first outing together since Katerina had moved in once again. It felt weird, being aware of all that had happened, but trying to assume the roles they’d held before. It would almost be better, in Katerina’s mind, if they were complete strangers trying to get to know each other for the first time. Still, it was nice to have an ally. The awkward silences were getting better, if that counted for anything, and it didn’t fe...

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