Chapter Fourteen
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Natalia waited for her daughter to finally succumb to the exhaustion welling up inside, and shipped her off to bed on the promise that she would alert Ianna of any changes. Katerina, though still weak and broken, waited for Natalia to be alone. Questions needed answers. Ianna may not be allowed to know, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t know as well. Kat watched Natalia slip back into the kitchen, pretending not to notice Kat sitting in the same chair she’d been in. Katerina coughed.

“Would you like to head to your room now? I can help get you all settled.” Natalia suggested. Katerina nodded, eyeing the container above the cupboard. “I’ll get you one more and then I’m guessing you’ll be too tired to do much more than sleep. Go on and head to your room, and I&r...

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