Chapter Ten
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Natalia’s house stood separate from the others on their block. It had a rustic look to it and Katerina had spent much of her childhood there. Ianna and Katerina had shared a room for a while, even though there was a guest bedroom. Kat couldn’t stand to be alone at night, when the nightmares came to haunt her and Ianna had always wanted to know what sharing a room would be like. As you walked in the front door, there was a parlor which veered off into a sun room or to the kitchen. The kitchen is where the girls were headed, as directed by Natalia. Katerina was set up in the most comfortable chair in the kitchen, a big green upholstered monstrosity. Ianna kept an eye on Kat as Natalia rummaged through the cupboards for what she claimed to be a pick-me-up.

Natalia pulled down a grey pewter l...

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