Chapter Nine
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“Please, it hurts.” Katerina’s voice grew stronger, although still hoarse.

“I know, sweetie. I’m almost done. You’re a fighter, that’s for sure. But it’s my job to make sure you win.” Natalia glanced at the door and stoppered the decanter to put back into her bag. She walked to the sink and pretended to rinse out the rag. As she took Katerina’s right hand, the rag cleaned the final flecks of blood off and the doctor walked through the door with Ianna.

Natalia looked up at the pair of them, waving the rag to bring them to her. She explained to the doctor that she’d cleaned up some of the blood, asking if there had been any glass breakage before. She had an aunt who was a nurse, and she’d picked up some things in her youth. These words ass...

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