The Hunt for the Truth (1)
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James tracks the clumsy creature through the dense trees. Each snap of a twig, guides the way.

He follows the massive paw prints, each one the size of his head. One misstep could be fatal.

‘VisiAir.’ The screen pops up as he continues to track.

‘What I don’t understand guys,’ he pauses while he jumps effortlessly over a fallen tree. ‘Is why VisiAir pauses every other supernatural creature, but not this one…?’

‘I think it could be a spell,’ Kate suggests.

‘I’ll search my Wiccan books. I’m sure I’ll find something,’ Dexteria says.

‘Look out for Marlissa Pascala Faustin, I’ll look at my books here,’ Lora muses.

‘Oh, I was meant to research her. I’ll see if I can fin...

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Table of Contents

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