Vampire Sovereign (2)
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I presume this is where I’m supposed to go.

‘VisiAir.’ I hope the opinions of the others are helpful. ‘Look at this guys.’ I clap my hands twice. VisiAir spins and shows the desert to the others.

‘This is weird.’ Alex is the first to talk.

I reach the top of the staircase. The steps end, leaving a flat square layout. Beyond which the plains stretch out for miles.

‘What’s that in the air?’ Lora asks. She points, which is completely unhelpful since VisiAir is facing me.

‘Probably a hawk, they’re common in the desert,’ James says.

‘Isn’t there a zoom feature on this?’ Rachel starts clicking through settings.

‘Why didn’t I think of that? I’ll do it.’ Alex finds the button...

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Table of Contents

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