Vampire Sovereign (1)
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I lift the wine glass to my lips, my eyes darting from one customer to the next, awaiting the inevitable attack.

I’m sitting in a corner booth, with a view of the whole bar.

Victor, the landlord, approaches. ‘Callum, you need to keep your strength up. You want another?’

I nod my head, the subtlest of movements.

He saunters off and I can’t help but admire how his tight jeans outline his lower body. My eyes follow him to the bar, and I notice a new customer, who wasn’t there a minute ago. He is facing away from me, his dishevelled brown hair is down to his shoulders and he is wearing a suit. There’s a wooden cane perched beside him.

Even from this distance, the hairs on my arms rise to attention. Vampire.

Victor returns, places the new...

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Table of Contents

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