Army of Zombies (2)
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we cure zombies on a mass scale?’

‘They repeated the chant three times per a zombie? How many people were in Marlissa’s group?’

Lora flips to the front of the journal and scans the first few pages. ‘There was three of them, but it dwindled down to two due to… “Ghostly circumstances.” The one who died used to unearth the bodies.’

‘So… Two people per a zombie, times by three repetitions of the incantation. Maybe if you said it six times to one zombie you’d cure it,’ Alex suggests.

‘Okay, but since there is a hundred or so zombies here, that isn’t going to work.’

‘Well Dexy, that’s why we have VisiAir and Katchens.’ Ribald invigorates Dexteria’s confidence. ‘If we can save Lora...

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Table of Contents

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