Army of Zombies (1)
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Dexteria didn’t know what to expect, least of all this bloody zombie war.

Maria had given her the title of enchantress four months ago.

Lora had had it easy. When Jeffrey, Maria and VisiAir came into her life, she was already a part of it. The room she was in was filled with ghosts. She knew and understood. She escaped the anxious waiting.

‘VisiAir,’ she calls; the land freezes.

‘Use VisiAir’s pause to your advantage,’ Ribald says. ‘Move your powerful comrades out of harm’s way.’

‘Isn’t that cheating?’

‘No, it’s a tactic. Now use it!’ James demands.

‘The pause feature is there for a reason. If it weren’t, I’d be a ball of flames,’ Lora adds. ‘Use every skill to your ben...

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