Human Extinct Story
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Jeffrey Reid stands at his office window; he watches the children innocently play in the sea. He glances at his watch, only an hour to go.

He hears the click of the door handle as his assistant, Maria, saunters in.

‘Cheer up, boss, just one small thing left to do.’

Jeffrey turns and sits behind his desk for the last time.

He gazes at Maria, her black afro bobs with every step, it slightly hides her green squiggly ears attached to her mauve skin. His eyes lower to her black waistcoat that accentuates her cleavage, down to her maroon skirt and black boots.

Jeffrey calls up his VisiAir, the transparent screen appears upright and is made from molecules of air.

The date, 27th August 2168, is displayed at the top.

The screen shows eight people, from past time periods and planets.

“Confidential” is stamped across each picture.  Written underneath is “Our Saviours”.

Using VisiAir, he records a video message and attaches it to each profile. Maria does the same with her own VisiAir.

‘Here goes…’ Jeffrey remarks.

‘They’re our only hope. We have to do this,’ Maria states.

They both click the send button together.


Given its target, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, it hurtles to the sky, ready to cause havoc.

It flies through the air at 15,000mph, the sun warms its metal skin as the island approaches.

If the missile had had a brain, it would’ve turned around and destroyed its maker.

Instead it follows through with its instructions, leaving no human survivor.

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Table of Contents

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