The Knowledge Of Creatures (1)
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‘VisiAir,’ Kate calls up as the ground shakes uncontrollably. ‘Alex, finally it’s our turn.’

‘I can’t even stand up.’ Alex attempts for the second time, and fails.

‘Need a hand, Alex? Ribald has three,’ Rachel jokes.

‘Why has it not froze?’ Lora asks.

‘Uh… Guys…? Why am I now getting the earthquake too?’ Ribald asks.

‘This is so weird.’ Kate’s voice shakes with the vibration of the ground.

Ribald falls in a heap, unable to stand either.

Kate grins happy she can keep on her feet.

‘You’re not the only ones now,’ Rachel says.

‘The ground is shaking here too,’ James adds.

‘Okay… What the hell is going on?’ Kate...

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Table of Contents

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