They Reap What They Sow (1)
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‘What the hell just happened?’ I ask; there are just six of us displayed in VisiAir.

‘I don’t like this.’ Tears stream down Lora’s face.

‘Who fired the gun?’ I say. ‘Does someone know about us?’

‘Can’t you have any compassion?’ Dexteria fumes. ‘We just lost two VisiAir friends. Get some respect, Ribald!’

‘No, he’s right, Dexteria. Grieving for someone takes up time.’ I am grateful that Callum is willing to back me up. ‘There’s something else at play here, if we don’t focus, then James and Rachel won’t be the only ones we’ll lose.’

‘Okay. Right.’ Kate takes a few deep breaths. ‘VisiAir was still open when James got shot. How does that work? VisiAir fr...

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