Chapter One (2)
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been in service to his widow, Madame Penelope Bancroft, and her dear, infirm sister, Miss Phoebe Wilkes.”  His proud smile deflated as the American began to laugh.


“Well, I’ll be twice damned – who would have thought that those two old peahens would have their own butler!”

“Butler!?” Christopher exclaimed as if he had just been called a bridge troll (apparently ignoring the ‘peahen’ comment).  “I am a valet, I do remind you, sir!”

“What the hell’s the difference?”

“Would a butler memorize all Miss Phoebe’s pills, and then force-feed them to her three times a day?  Would a butler chaperone Madame Penelope twice a month into town for her hair and nails?”

“Well, excus...

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