Parker's Gamble (5)
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the heavy coat as she rushed by me made me hate the C.O.P.’s more than I already did, which is saying something. I bustled out onto the catwalk after her as they opened fire behind me. Glass and wood blew everywhere.

  I looked out at the street, there wasn’t much traffic down there. Fuck it, I thought grabbing Valerie by the wrist. We jumped. She screamed the whole way down. How we managed to land on the roof of a passing double decker civilian transport I’ll never know. We hit with a bending thump of metal. From below I heard people scream from both passenger tiers, but the driver didn’t stop. I looked back at my apartment. Smoke was rising from the window and Captain Shreveport was out on the catwalk shooting daggers at me with his eye. Tough break Cap, I th...

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