Parker's Gamble (4)
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the river.”

  I gave him a tight smile and then watched Van waddle off to his office. Then I turned my attention back to the desk. There were a bunch of old files sitting on the blotter. I shoved them off into a bin and got down to work. I had to finish up the Sherman case. Bunch of punk kids had fed a store owner to his refuse shredder a week ago, real messy stuff. His wife had come to us for help. One of the punks fathers worked in the government she said, would get them off if any charges were brought. I checked my watch, it was just after first sun. I figured the C.O.P.’s should be scrapping the punks bodies from the sidewalk by now. This job isn’t always about solving crimes, sometimes it is about setting things right. I stretched out my hand and touched the bat...

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