Parker's Gamble (2)
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best lovers in the galaxy. Like I said I’m a sap, my mother always says so. I beckoned her over, trying not to stare as she jiggled and bounced in my direction. We huddled behind the refuse bin, the sweet smell of her skin overpower the stench of death in the alley.

  “Thank you,” she said in a meek voice.

  I grunted a response and kept watch across the alley. I knew the thug wasn’t gonna give in so easily, not if he hoped to keep his skin that is. I was right. The sound of grinding metal rang out in the still air and I watched as the container across from me lifted up. Then it was flying in our direction. I didn’t wait. Grabbing the dames hand I sprinted for the end of the alley. Behind us the metal container made contact with the refuse bin we&rsq...

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Table of Contents

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