The Mutable Heart
By Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)

Kay Gardner      1/15/16 10:00 PM

i can so relate to your latest..
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      1/15/16 10:58 PM
That makes me sad. But peaceful in shared experiences.

Kay Gardner      12/15/15 3:52 PM

"i tried to hide it under my smile".. great line
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      12/15/15 6:54 PM
Thank you! :) <--- good smile ;)

Heather Awad      12/05/15 5:56 PM

"Inspired Day" is sweet. :)
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      12/08/15 2:46 AM

Heather Awad      11/18/15 7:07 PM

Your latest poem is very sweet. Enjoyed very much! :)
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/18/15 7:13 PM
I really appreciate the feedback! :)

Kay Gardner      11/18/15 6:05 AM

neverymind.. my work computer is being hard to get along with. just read, and it's lovely :)
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/18/15 4:07 PM
Aww! Thanks. :)

Kay Gardner      11/17/15 8:57 PM

hrm.. your latest is doing the "file not found" dance..
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/18/15 1:46 AM
From every browser? Mobile or computer?

Carol Anne Shaw      11/07/15 2:46 AM

I just read, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." GAH! Powerful words. Beautiful.
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/07/15 2:50 AM
<3<3<3 Thank you thank you. Really love and appreciate the kind words.

Kay Gardner      11/06/15 9:25 PM

"enough is enough" - oh i'm such a pushover for good vocabulary :) very nice
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/07/15 1:12 AM
Aww! Thank you so much. I had that one in my archives but did a major rewrite on it today! haha. Glad you like. :)

Kay Gardner      11/06/15 3:24 PM

"a crease in a page" - think i like the third stanza the best.. great imagery :)
Clark Gillespie (B Sharp)      11/06/15 8:06 PM
thank you! Comments always welcome. :)