Chapter Eleven - Confronting a God (2)
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it was too late to do anything except cringe. That I was getting very good at lately, I thought as this van was inches from my face. I resigned myself to my fate, closing my eyes. In that quiet moment, my inner voice spoke slowly and plainly, as if time was not a concern.


“It is not your time yet.”


I heard this said, but I was waiting for the end to arrive. I felt the ground shift under my feet, the sound from the van shifted away from me to my right. I braced myself for the impact. Nothing. I felt a hand take my hand. I opened my eyes to see Auren standing beside me holding my hand. I was now on the sidewalk, the van had slammed on its brakes, coming to a halt. I realized that Auren must have saved my life again. Even with my legs of jell...

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