Chapter Eleven - Confronting a God (1)
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Chapter Eleven

Confronting a God


Saturday morning came fast. The flow of energy out of my chest was more noticeable than ever. My mind was still foggy from the day before. Swimming in the ocean of sunlight, I had to close the curtains from the bright light. It was almost blinding me. By the time I had coffee on, Auren came into the kitchen. I showed him where the towels were kept and how the shower worked. He didn’t even bother to close the door after he went into the bathroom. I heard the shower come on and still the door stayed open. I had to fight off the desire to walk by and look in. After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t restrain myself. I pretended that I needed to pass by, glancing in as I did. He hadn’t pulled the curtain to the shower closed. Water...

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