The Not So Hard Life of a Library Cat
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From the very first time I laid eyes on Oscar the kitten, I knew he would be trouble. We already had Bob the Library Bear who provided love, fur, and didn’t require a litter tray or feeding but i was out-voted by Boss Lady and Linda.

Oscar the kitten now rules the the library. Well, he thinks he does.

I reckon Oscar knows I’m wise to his tricks. He’s much more lovey-dovey with Boss Lady, although that may be because she takes him home for long weekends and usually is the one to feed him.

My role is more mundane - kitty litter duty.

When I complain about this Linda points out that the alternative would be Oscar using the raised beds in the courtyard garden and I wouldn’t be happy about that. She’s right, I wouldn’t.

The library was working...

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Table of Contents

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