Over the Sea and Far Away - Part Two
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I’m writing this on the ferry home. Mary and Kitty are sipping a final whisky in the bar. Julia will drive us home as she’s off the booze for obvious reasons.

Wigtown was awesome. The others are already scheming about our next trip. There’s been talk to a visit to Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Julia’s keeping quiet. I think she knows she won’t be able to drop off two children as easily as one and she’ll be breastfeeding for a while.

My credit card has been hit hard. I need to ask Boss Lady for some overtime. I’m consoling myself that some of the books I bought in the 14 bookshops of Wigtown were Christmas presents. It definitely makes gift shopping easier when you’re dating a librarian, your friends are in book club with you, and your family en...

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Table of Contents

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