The Politics of Pockets
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This week’s book club tangent was about the politics of pockets, which made sense after the Sewing Bee workshop Imelda and Zara hosted earlier in the day. This time it wasn’t me who drifted onto a side topic. Kitty started it.

She mentioned that being able to sew meant that you could create women’s clothing with decent pockets. Every female head around the pub’s table nodded and there were mutters of “absolutely”. I caught a look being exchanged between Grant and Bill, heads tilted, scrunched up eyes.

“You have no idea what we’re talking about, do you?” I asked them.

Bill shrugged. Grant shook his head.

Kitty inhaled and prepared to rant but I took pity on the lads. They put up with our comments on the sex appeal of male leads in the books we re...

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Table of Contents

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