The Sewing Bee
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I had never heard of The Great British Sewing Bee until last week. Somewhat to my surprise it was Boss Lady who mentioned it as we were locking up.

“Gotta make tracks. Sewing Bee is on tonight.”

“How can you sew a bee?”

Her mad dash to get home stalled as she stared at me, eyes wide, eyebrows raised. “Seriously? You don’t know about Sewing Bee? We have the book in the crafts section.”

Boss Lady and Linda are under the mistaken impression that I know our entire collection back to front and have read every book in the building. Sadly, I have not. Not yet.

“Nope, no idea. What is it?”

She paused for a moment. “It’s like Bake Off - where bakers compete to make the best cakes except this time it’s people...

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