Heritage and History Making - Part One
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It has been a historic week in Castle Bailey library, in two very different ways.

This week is National Heritage Week in Ireland, one of my favourite weeks of the year. I usually reserve a few days leave but with Linda still gallivanting around New Orleans - I swear if she sends me one more photo of her eating gumbo I will scream - I wasn’t able to take time off.

Luckily some of the events were offered online so I watched them in my own time. I usually take advantage of the free entry to museums, castles, and other heritage sites this week. Last year, I talked the lads into a trip to the Hill of Tara, the ancient home of the kings of Ireland. This year was different, however, as I had to run our own heritage event. We had booked in an author who wrote a book about the megalithic history...

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