The Bluffer’s Guide to Reading
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I am always astounded by people who profess opinions on things they know nothing about. One of Mick’s friends, Paul, always causes a big debate when the lads are choosing where to eat, whether it’s for cheap and cheerful takeaway or a fancy celebration dinner. The lads eat out often as they can’t be bothered cooking, much less doing the clean-up afterwards, and if Paul is about he will insist on having his say.

“Ah no, we can’t go to Pearl City Chinese, they don’t even have special egg-fried rice.”

“What about Indian? That new one behind O’Grady’s pub.”

“Did you not hear? Their naan breads are manky.”

Mick then tries to broker a compromise. “Actually I fancy something simple. Let’s go to the local chipper for burgers...

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