The Bailey BookWorms Meet Again
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“I have no idea what sort of book this is. Is it time-travel sci-fi or a bodice ripper?”

“Not a bodice-ripper,” said Kitty with certainty. “I’ve read plenty of those.” She winked at me.

“There are a lot of very explicit scenes.” Olivia’s tone implied her disapproval.

“The wedding night was brilliant. She really knows how to write those intimate scenes from a female viewpoint.” Mary wasn’t going to let Olivia away with it.

“I enjoyed the fight scenes,” said Noeleen. “I’d call it historic fiction. Reminded me of Wolf Hall.”

“But they time-travel. It’s kinda sci-fi?” Bill is badly outnumbered by women in the book club. I had to admire his persistence in trying to claim Diana Gabaldon&rsquo...

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Table of Contents

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