Treasure Hunting
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Linda is back and the maintenance team have moved on to their next victims, I mean their next library. My arms still hurt from dragging bookcases and books from one part of the library to the next each morning and evening. Don’t waste your money on a gym membership, library membership is free and the librarians will happily let you move bookcases if you ask nicely first.

“Hola, Nina! Did you get my postcard?” Linda burst into the library this morning, late of course, with a big smile and a tanned face. It’s October in Ireland, most of us are lacking a tan at this point in the year. To add to the effect it was lashing with rain outside. I knew, I’d cycled to work in my waterproof jacket and trousers and my hair was still damp.

“Hey, welcome back. Have a good time?&rdqu...

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Table of Contents

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