Shiver Me Timbers
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Books ahoy! Hoist the main sail and set course, ye scurvy sea dogs!

Sorry, I’ve been in Pirate Mode all day and it kinda gets into your head. It is Talk Like a Pirate Day and it was a very good day in the library.

It started with me up the ladder, hanging a large pirate flag, complete with skull and crossbones, on the wall of the children’s section. We haven’t had our turn with the maintenance team yet so the walls are still a grubby off-white, but at least Boss Lady and Linda liked my ideas for the renovations and some of them were possible within our budget. Linda’s husband is apparently making something to add in too. He does woodwork at the local Mens’ Shed since he retired early.

Anyhow, there I was, hanging a flag, when Linda arrived.


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