The Great Return
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Galway was great. It didn’t rain too much and I even had time for a trip out to the Aran Islands. They are so beautiful and untouched, tiny stone-walled fields filled with sheep on islands set in a deep blue ocean. It was so relaxing. I forgot all about the library while I was gone.

Within minutes of returning this morning, however, library life slammed back into my existence.

“Hi, I’m Nina,” I said, reaching out a handshake to a guy in his early twenties sitting behind the desk.

“Tom. Wow, I’m glad you’re back.”

Ice-water appeared to trickle down my back. He smiled at me with a sincere look in his eyes and there was a large pile of paperwork stacked beside the library computer. Then he picked up a piece of pink paper from the top of the stack...

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Table of Contents

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